Brundibár Group Rehearsals Have Begun!

The very first rehearse on Wednesday evening, in Leamington.

The beginning of February means the beginning of rehearsal togetherness! The group will be rehearsing together twice weekly, apart from the MMK Monday night rehearsals. This is a great period of introduction for the kids who don't already know each other, because they'll be spending so much time together in their performances throughout April - even before they all end up in Edinburgh together for a week practically in one another's laps! So, we have a double cast of 19 students between the ages of 6 and 14. As one might imagine, the warmups and activities to keep a group of such a diverse age range need to be a little wild - sometimes silly, sometimes demanding. It's really interesting to watch the kids go from general goofiness to hard work - they've all clearly been working hard at getting comfortable with their individual parts since they got their scores in hand. Now we have the pleasure of watching them come together.

This is a crucial bonding moment over the uniqueness of their respective socks.

Will, playing Pepiček.

It's subtle, but they're on a break here. Because they won't STOP.

Meredith on piano, Tracey, calming the exuberant voices of the group, pointing out that the instructions in the score at this point are "pianissimo!"

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