Music Moves Kids Summer Camp in entering its tenth year.  MMK started out as just a week long day camp for kids who like music, run by Erin and her mom Nancy as well as some fantastic parent volunteers. Two years later Erin’s colleague and friend, Christine Turingia, joined the team and Erin, Nancy and Christine now make up the core of Music Moves Kids Educators. In five years MMK has reached over 1000 children and raised over $6000 for various local charities.  


     We LOVE music and this is a large part of camp, however we are a day camp and our campers enjoy: music, drama, crafts, science, free time, BOB the whale and many other activites.  Each year has its own unique theme in which most songs, crafts and activites revolve around.  Camp is one of our most enjoyable times of year, we love fostering the joy of music and learning in our youth.  Every year we participate in the Leamington Tomato Festival Parade as well, where we enjoy riding around on a float and singing songs for all of Leamington.

Music Moves Kids Summer Camp runs from 9 am to 4 pm for two weeks every summer at Kingsville Arena. The dates are typically announced at March Break and registration will be available online. 


Tuition is $175 per child. 


Our staff are OCT certified teachers with extensive musical backgrounds and education to offer your children the best possible experience. 


We have many high school volunteers, coops students and summer students who are former campers, and love music as much as we do, who know the ropes and are eager to help.


Throughout the day we rotate through music, drama, crafts and free time


Campers bring a nut-free lunch and snacks (same as school) and a water bottle to camp every day. Usually on Friday we provide a treat for our afternoon snack and watch a movie and will let parents know on the first day of camp what it is, to make sure everyone can partake. 


Thanks to the arena we are able to make use of their awesome jungle gym by the baseball diamonds, and require a signature from parents to allow us to cross the street with your child(red).


On the final Friday we will perform a short play or recital showcasing what we've worked on during the two weeks. The performance will be at 6:30 PM at the Arena. This year due to Covid restrictions, we are offering an "Art in the Park"-ing lot, display of camper's crafts, and several videos will be posted during the week in lieu of our regular concert! 


What to Bring to Summer Camp:


1. A nut-free lunch and snacks

2. A water bottle

3. Sun protection (if you so desire)

4. An awesome attitude and enthusiasm for MUSIC!