Brother and sister, Pepíček and Aninka have lost their father and have an ill mother. On the doctor's orders they head into the town square to buy milk, but have no money. They notice Brundibar, the organ grinder, getting paid to make music and decide to sing to raise money. However, they can't be heard over Brunidbar's raucus and he doesn't like the competition and chases them away. 


Fortunately, with the help of a dog, cat, sparrow, and the children of the town, they are able to sing a beautiful lullaby to the townspeople and be heard. Then Brundibár steals the money and they chase him out of town ending up victorious. 


Brundibar - Hans Krasa

Bringing awareness and remembrance of the Holocaust. 




April 4 - 7 & 11 - 14, 2016


School Shows


Jewish Community Centre


May 19, 2016


School show, Migration Hall, Kingsville



June 10, 2016


Public Performance, Migration Hall, Kingsville



August 23 - 27, 2016


Edinburgh Fringe Festival


Paradise-Green Studio











The Cast

Director - Tracey Atin

Conductor - Erin Armstrong

Pianist - Joanna Shultz

Clarinet - Trevor Pittman

Brundibar - Bob Godden                   


Pepicek - Will Trigo Ebere & Siena Pacheco                


Aninka - Hayley Romanyk                      


Baker - Lexi Pacheco                         


Ice Cream Man - Alex Booth & Kia Brum


Milkman - Madison Booth                    


Policeman - Emmerson Jadischke & Kali Brum                 


Sparrow - Brooke Dominguez & Meredith Garswood


Cat - Elise Holbrook & Kylar Brum


Dog "Pluto" - Amber Collison & Grace Connelly